29 West Broadway, Derry NH 03038

Cue Zero Theatre Company Presents: HAMLET

June 6, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
This is not the HAMLET you read in high school. In a post-rapture world where the people left behind are forced to pick up the pieces, the themes of religion, revenge, and political intrigue are taken to even deadlier heights. Within the self-named colony of Denmark, a tenuous political hierarchy is threatened with the sudden death of King Hamlet, and to preserve peace and order, his brother Claudius immediately claims his throne, his power, and his Queen. With our framing, we aim to heighten the play’s themes and deliver HAMLET to a modern audience where “The Walking Dead”, “Mad Max”, “Black Mirror” and “Mr. Burns” reign culturally supremes. We’re looking to bring not only a visually exciting piece to the Derry Opera House, but also to explore unconventional stage combat, such as found object and close hand-to-hand.

There’s nothing quite as chillingly thrilling as seeing your world reflected in a dark mirror, and the intimacy we want to create within our version of HAMLET is perfectly suited for the Derry Opera House.